Announcing ... (for a little longer)

Dearest readers, it sure has been a dry spell hasn't it? Sorry for the lack of news. We were working on something super secret. In the end I'm not sure we needed the secrecy, but you start doing things a particular way and if you're stubborn you tend to continue doing things that way till something happens.

In this case what happened was that we finished.

Anyway, so towards the end of last year we got to a point in Comic Zeal development where the next update would have to be a huge one.

You see, the issue is that ordering comics (or other things) can be a bit of a chore. Putting the view into a special mode is a pain, then dragging items up/down is ok, but it breaks down really quickly when the destination is a few screens away, or if you have to move a lot of items. Of course, it doesn't work at all if you want to move things to an entirely different place, like to a different series entirely.

We needed to have a much more flexible system to re-order, move and organize comics. We wanted it to be fun too, take the chore out of it.

We were working on that problem, and coming up with some nice things too, when we realised that we had the basis for a different kind of app on our hands. Something that we've needed for a while but never found one that we liked. We decided to have a play with it and the little experiment went really well. We made an app out of it.

It's ready now, we'll be releasing it in a couple of days.

Today I'd like to tell you about it, but I'd like to make a game out of it.

It's been a few long months of working on this and I've been looking forward to today since the day the first prototype gave us a glimpse of what it could do. So I want to have some fun with it and hope you will join me.

Starting at 11:00 CST today (so around two hours from now if I've calculated it right) I'll be answering questions about the new app on Twitter. We'll start off limiting answers to YES/NO if that's ok with you all and see where it gets us. Your aim will be to find out the function of the app, and, for extra non-existent bonus points, the name.

It should be fun, I hope you'll join me (most of the rest of bitolithic will be asleep! it will be 0300 over here).

The twitter account is @bitolithic.

At the end I'll post a link to a very nice video demonstrating the app.