Attachments in ThinkBook

Attachments are the biggest change to ThinkBook 1.3.  With attachment notes you can keep images, documents, music, almost anything your iPad can handle right in ThinkBook. You can use attachment notes to:

  • Add images to your pages and notebooks.
  •  Keep documents or media related to a project together WITH the project.
  • Use ThinkBook to organize and store important files on your device.

Attachments are displayed in one of two ways:

  • If it's an image it will be displayed with a large thumbnail, tapping on the thumbnail opens the image.
  • If it's a document or media file it will be displayed as an icon. Tapping on the icon opens the attachment.

The bottom two notes in this screenshot are attachments:

Untitled 2
Untitled 2

How to import attachments:

  • Use the 'Open in ...' option from another app.  For example, you can open up a PDF in the DropBox app, then select 'Open in ...' and then 'ThinkBook'.  ThinkBook will open up and the attachment will be imported.
  • Use iTunes file sharing to move a file into the ThinkBook folder.
  • Copy an image to the clipboard, when you next switch to ThinkBook it will be imported.

How to share attachments with other apps:

  • Double-taping on the attachment note opens up its options menu, from there you can open the attachment in any app on your iPad that accepts that kind of file.
  • Please note, if you edit the attachment in another app, the version in ThinkBook will not change, you will have to re-import the changed attachment into ThinkBook.  It's a limitation imposed by iOS.

How to backup attachments:

  • When you backup everything in ThinkBook, or any note containing attachments the attachments are also backed up.
  • This can make backups really, really big, so if you use attachments a lot consider backing up individual notebooks instead of everything at once.
  • When you do a text import or exports attachments are not linked to the exported file. So they will be lost if you re-import the text file.
  • Question: Are my attachments safe if I back up and restore attachment notes? Answer: Yes!
  • Question: Are my attachments safe if I import and export attachment notes as text? Answer: NO!, for goodness sake don't do that.