Thank you!

It's now almost two weeks since ThinkBook launched and it's well past time to thank all those who helped.First of all I need to thank Thom, who took on ThinkBook graphics design and came up with something so wonderful that I still can't believe I wrote the code behind it. If you have any doubts as to the importance of someone like Thom to an aesthetic tragic like me, let me show you what ThinkBook looked like last December.

Next, the beta testers. Some of them started when ThinkBook looked like the video above and have tested version after version after version. They provided fantastic feedback and really helped shape ThinkBook. All while keeping up with the releases and constantly re-testing. Thank you gals and guys!

Last but not in any way least, I have to thank all of you who helped with the launch of ThinkBook. If you've re-tweeted an announcement, told a friend about TB, showed someone the demo video or even better, demoed the app running on your iPad we just can't thank you enough.