What a difference two inches make

In the iTunes App Store, a couple of inches can make a huge difference.A few days ago, one of our very observant UK based beta testers sent me a tweet indicating thatThinkBook was fifth in the paid iPad apps listing (thanks KB).

ThinkBook has been hovering around the top ten PRODUCTIVITY apps for a while, but to be fifth OVERALL was wonderful. To put it into perspective, in downloads, ThinkBook was beating both Pages and Keynote.

I quickly had a look at the UK store, KB was right, there it was (it had dropped one spot since KB sent the tweet):

uk top 10

This was certainly great, what had caused it? A wonderful app? yes of course, but it was just as wonderful the day before when it was nowhere to be seen in the top 10.

If you've been paying attention to the app store you know the answer already, Apple was featuring ThinkBook in the front page. Right next to the top ten list was this:

Uk featured list

There's ThinkBook, second from the left at the top. Wonderful! Thank you Apple.

Logging in to the US app store the story was a little different, ThinkBook HAD jumped up a few spots, from around 18th to 11th in the Productivity category. Nowhere to be seen in the Top 10.

Fair enough! to be featured in just one store is a great honour, we were very happy. Still though, why the increase in sales in the US store?

Turns out ThinkBook was being featured in the US store, in exactly the same way as in the UK store, front page, 'New and Noteworthy', just a couple of inches to the right:

Us featured list

Enough that many users would have to scroll right to see it.

So that's the difference a couple of inches can make in the iTunes App Store.