What's coming up in Comic Zeal 4.0.8

It's been almost a week since Comic Zeal 4.0.8 went to Apple, it seems like they're very busy at the moment. Here is what will, hopefully, be in the next update you get:
  • Now remembers if you quit while reading a comic and displays it on start-up.
  • Can now tap the edges of the screen to change page. The tap area is a little narrow so that you can easily reach past it with your thumb for scrolling. The BEST way to change page is to simply slide your thumb from the bevel into the screen and back.  It's picked up as a page turn every time and it's very natural.

  • Added an in-app options button that allows changing the background and toggling tap-to-turn pages. Will add the rest of the options in subsequent releases.
  • When the user tries to load an image that's too large for the iPad CZ resizes it, saves it so that it won't be a problem again and shows the user a dialog explaining what happened, the dialog is only shown once.  This fixes the crash on page load that some people were experiencing.
  • Will now always show the series of the comic you're reading when the category pop-up is shown.
  • Fixed a problem where the application would crash if the user attempted to load their comics on the first ever run of the app.
  • Fixed problem with having to press category selections twice.
  • Fixed crash when 'saving' a move operation where there were no categories.
  • The cursor will now automatically come up when renaming or moving.
  • Changed 'Other ...' prompt when selecting a series to 'New Series or Rename ...'
  • Flick-scrolling now slows down more slowly ... ok, so it's like this, when you flick the page it keeps on scrolling after your finger stops touching the screen.  I've changed a parameter so that it scrolls for longer.
  • Adam from Elixir Graphics has made a really nice control for the background chooser. It looks like this:

    Background selection

    He's also been working on a great new icon that will make it into the app in the near future (not for 4.0.8 though). It's fantastic.


    Thom from Elemento has been working behind the scenes to improve the website, unfortunately he's been doing too good a job, prompting one blogger this week to state that he expected more from the app, given the quality of the website ...