What's new in ThinkBook 1.3

Hi all, it's been a while since updates but this one is a big one. It took a while to re-jig ThinkBook's innards to do what we wanted and from now on things will be happening faster. There are a lot of little changes and tons of bug fixes but the most important things are:

  • ThinkBook now supports the import of documents and multimedia files. You can add screenshots, documents, photos, video and audio to ThinkBook notebooks and pages. Not only to make the notes better, but also as a way to manage content from lots of different apps in the one place. All of this media are held in the one note type, we call it an Attachment note.
  • Attachments can be imported through iTunes file sharing by dragging them into the ThinkBook area.
  • They can be imported from other apps on the iPad using their 'Open in ...' functionality, simply select 'ThinkBook' as the destination.
  •  Images can be imported from the system clipboard, for example, when looking at photos in the photo app you can long-tap one, select 'copy' then open ThinkBook. ThinkBook will automatically create an attachment with the photo. Multiple photos can be imported from the Photos app by pressing 'edit', selecting a lot of them, then pressing the 'Share' button on the top-left.
  • Once an attachment has been imported in can be opened in ThinkBook by tapping its thumbnail. As with all ThinkBook notes you can change the text describing the attachment by tapping on it.
  • Attachments can hold most of the documents an iPad can handle, images, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video, audio and PDFs.
  • Attachments can be moved and copied just like any other note. If you do a backup, attachments are also backed up. If you do a text export they are NOT so we don't recommend doing text exports and imports of notes containing attachments. Although ThinkBook backup files still have the extension '.tbb' they are now zip files. If you need to get to your backup data without using ThinkBook just change the extension to '.zip' and decompress the file. Inside you will find your attachments and a '.xml' file containing your notes.
  • Attachment functionality has bought with it a whole bunch of options:
  • Clipboard images can be imported automatically, never, or ThinkBook can ask before importing.
  • Attachments can be imported into the home page, the slider or the current view.
  •  Document and Image backup can be enabled or disabled individually.

This update also has some other nice changes:

  • Themes have been updated. Thom has simplified the look of themes a LOT. He's got back a lot of the whitespace at the top of the page and flattened some interface elements, like the slider.
  • New theme! 'Earth wind and fire' is much more colorful than the previous themes and Thom's got some nice effects happening like a home button that stays lit while the user is on the home page.
  • Notes now always have SOMETHING in the place where todos have their checkbox, notebooks, pages and attachments show a little dot there so that indentation is much easier to follow in complicated documents.

I hope you all really enjoy the update.  It's been a long time coming.

There are a lot of challenges to the kind of work that we do. I think one of the biggest ones is to get new features to you all quickly and often.

This particular update affected all of ThinkBook's components.  From user interface to backups, and everything in between. That's why it's taken so long to get it to you.

The plan for this year is to take smaller bites out of the planned feature list.  With any luck that will translate into more frequent updates for you all.