What's new in ThinkBook 1.4.0 and Comic Zeal 5.2.0

The updates have a lot of internal changes, including a big update to the code that shows you menus but there is only one really new feature and that is locking.

Locking of Series in Comic Zeal and Pages and Notebooks in ThinkBook has been a very requested feature.  As a developer my instinct has been to create as tight and secure a locking mechanism as possible and because it is so much work it just hasn't happened.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about how many weaknesses any system would have, no mater how secure I tried to make it.

I've had some discussions with users on the support forums and what they need a locking feature to do is very different to what I had imagined.  It turned out that all people wanted was to hide some comics from their kids, or stop notebooks from casual opening by a co-worker in ThinkBook.

So what I've implemented is a very simple system that just stops these items from being opened in the app.  You can use the options menu for a comic series, page or notebook to apply a lock to it.  Then, whenever you want to open that item again you will have to enter a 4 digit passcode.

The passcode is the same for all locked entries and you can set or change it through the application options menu.  There is also a fairly lightweight system to reset the passcode which uses iTunes file sharing to import a particular file.  When that's done the passcode will be reset.

This is what the locking option looks like in Comic Zeal:

Screenshot 2013 05 07 14 17 36
Screenshot 2013 05 07 14 17 36

This is what the unlock screen looks like in ThinkBook:

Screenshot 2013 05 07 14 18 12
Screenshot 2013 05 07 14 18 12

As mentioned earlier this isn't a terribly secure system, for example, the contents of locked items still come up in  searches, and the ThinkBook navigation bar will show locked items.

In this version of ThinkBook I've also removed all the little images you saw on the left of an option in the menus.  I would really like to get your feedback on this, is it terrible now, was it terrible before?