What's new in ThinkBook 1.4.0 and Comic Zeal 5.2.0

Locking of Series in Comic Zeal and Pages and Notebooks in ThinkBook has been a very requested feature.  As a developer my instinct has been to create as tight and secure a locking mechanism as possible and because it is so much work it just hasn't happened.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about how many weaknesses any system would have, no mater how secure I tried to make it.

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Attachments in ThinkBook

Attachments are the biggest change to ThinkBook 1.3.  With attachment notes you can keep images, documents, music, almost anything your iPad can handle right in ThinkBook.

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What's new in ThinkBook 1.3

Hi all, it's been a while since updates but this one is a big one. It took a while to re-jig ThinkBook's innards to do what we wanted and from now on things will be happening faster. There are a lot of little changes and tons of bug fixes but the most important things are:

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A different type of bitolithic project

We moved house/office a couple of weeks ago and in the process have opted-in to a new challenge. For the last three years bitolithic has been based in our home in Melbourne, Australia.

When we bought the old house I was working for an IT consultancy and so the home office home office that came with the house was a 'nice to have'.

Then I started working on bitolithic full-time and the home office started to show its limitations. It was next to the living room, so I shared in whatever the kids were doing or watching, and it had windows to both courtyards, so they couldn't be used without impacting on the flow of features to YOU.

We started the search for a new house about a year ago but unfortunately what we wanted is in short supply in our area and the few things that came up were out of our reach. We ended up buying a beautiful house that we are very happy with but the downside is that the 'office' hasn't yet reached its full potential.

In other words, it's just a shed.

A nice, big, well-constructed shed with lots of potential, but just a shed for now.

Work to convert it into a proper place of work will start early in January.

In the meantime it doesn't look as though I'll be able to do a lot of coding, support and email responses may be a little slow. It gets hot in here!

Here are some photos for all of you in nice, cool offices to laugh at:

IMG 1511

The insect spray in the next image is an important part of my toolset right now.

IMG 1509