Pilot Hi-Tec C in Australia

How to get the famous Pilot Hi-Tec C pen in Australia, cheaply and quickly.

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C is a fantastic Japanese pen but it's very difficult to buy in Australia.

The only option is to buy them from US companies that have imported them from Japan.

Even the international version, the G-Tec-C, which SHOULD be available locally is impossible to find.

We're considering starting a small business selling these pens and other hard-to-source stationary within Australia.

So the question is, is there enough interest for this in the Australian market?

If you would be interested please let us know! We're not going to spam you or demand that you buy later on, pressing the button just takes you to a 'thank you' page.

The cost would be AUD$4 per pen and AUD$2 flat shipping charge regardless of the order size.

The Pilot Hi-Tec C is sold as the G-Tec-C in Australia.