ThinkBook transforms your iPad into an organizational marvel.
Everyone can benefit from ThinkBook:
  • Keep class notes, add questions and todos then use ThinkBook's unique 'finder' notes to make a dashboard showing unanswered questions and outstanding todos for each class.
  • Use ThinkBook to record meeting minutes and keep project notes.
  • Plan your work by grouping todos into projects.
  • Create dashboards showing you the next few todos for each active project.
  • Take notes from books you read, tag each section with the topics covered, search for those topics later.
If you like keeping pages of plain put the pages in notebooks and create a library. Like outlines? Use ThinkBook's indentation gestures to add structure to your notes, then collapse whole sections to see only their headings. Mix and match to YOUR needs.

ThinkBook adapts to YOU, not the other way around.

One of the best things about ThinkBook is the innovative slider: you can push notes, pages, notebooks... anything into it. Then go anywhere in your library and drag them out. It's an incredibly fast way of re-arranging your information.

Key features:
  • Lots of note types: text, todos, questions, projects, attachments.
  • Create notebooks and pages, they behave just like other notes, move and organize them however you like.
  • Outline everything, all the note types can be indented and collapsed using gestures.
  • Use special 'finder' notes to create dashboards.
  • The slider, a brand new way to make new notes and rearrange, move, copy and delete existing ones.
  • Tags, tag everything you can see. They're inherited, tag a notebook with 'work' and every note in it will be treated as work.
  • Super fast search for text and tags.
  • Dropbox integration. Backup and restore to Dropbox, export and import notes, pages, notebooks and projects as text, work on them on your PC, then import them back into ThinkBook. All these features also work using iTunes file sharing.
  • Attachment notes let you store PDFs, documents and images right in your notebooks, including spreadsheets, music and video.
  • Import attachments from other apps using their 'Open in …' option, the clipboard or iTunes file sharing.
  • Four beautiful themes.
  • A graphical tutorial to quickly bring you up to speed and a full set of instructions (as a notebook!).