Locking of Series in Comic Zeal and Pages and Notebooks in ThinkBook has been a very requested feature.  As a developer my instinct has been to create as tight and secure a locking mechanism as possible and because it is so much work it just hasn't happened.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about how many weaknesses any system would have, no mater how secure I tried to make it.

Attachments are the biggest change to ThinkBook 1.3.  With attachment notes you can keep images, documents, music, almost anything your iPad can handle right in ThinkBook.

Hi all, it's been a while since updates but this one is a big one. It took a while to re-jig ThinkBook's innards to do what we wanted and from now on things will be happening faster. There are a lot of little changes and tons of bug fixes but the most important things are: